Well, we went to the Ride The Coast benefit ride for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Santa Ana and it was a blast. Saw a lot of old friends and made quite a few new ones. The weather was a tad bit warm, good thing we brought the spray bottle... This was our very first event and we learned alot about doing this kind of thing.



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Mike and I settng up
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Sally, Mike and I pretty much ready to go
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Our next door neighbor
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Danielle from Ride Wright Wheels
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Barbara from Lick Ink
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Some of the bikes from the show
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The American Idol Bike...
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The Beer Garden was a little busy

The Night Creatures rockin the joint
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Some folks got hungry
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Ed and Gabby posing w/ Mike
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Tonya won our donated Doo Rags
P1280037.JPG (244873 bytes)
Christie and Barbara from Lick Ink.
Oh yeah, forgot to mention... we won the 50/50... 2 and a half yards P1280049.JPG (217168 bytes)
P1280054.JPG (202439 bytes)
Mike rolling out
P1280055-.JPG (519596 bytes)
One flap down...
P1280098-.JPG (178810 bytes)
On Interstate 5 headed south


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