Our Story:
My brother Mike and I have been riding bikes since junior high school. We have ridden motorcycles in Hawaii, the Philippines and Taiwan as well as here in the U.S. (Hell, I even rode one in Saigon... July of '73). We swam in the South China Sea and have played lots of music together. Mike plays the blues harp, I play a fairly mean guitar). In the early '70s we hitchhiked across the country and back and have attended many, many righteous rock concerts together. Our favorite group is The Grateful Dead... The current iteration with John Mayer is Dead & Co.
Over the years though, our paths have gone in slightly different directions, Mike was a sea captain for decades and I traveled with the carnival off and on for years.. Funny that we should both end up working with computers. We do get together when our schedules allow, like for family reunions, Laughlin '05, our sister's graduation from Sonoma State in '07, The Corbin Seat Factory events in Hollister, and more recently for a Dead & Co concert at the Forum in L.A.
Well, some time ago Mike decided to try his hand at making doo rags, since much of the available products leave a lot to be desired... size, fabric, design... Not to mention that mostly all produced in Asia. He started sending some of the ones he was making to me and other riders that we know, and I had to say that they are the best rags I had ever worn! The next logical step was to offer them to our friends and if you ride, you qualify as one. We look forward to providing you with our quality products, made with pride, by us, right here in the U.S.
Mike & Chris


J&P Cycles

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