WOW! What can I say? Nashville was a blast! In the works for many months, Baker, a musician and a custom doo rag customer invited us to participate... Well, Nashville is a long way off. When I demurred he sweetened the deal by telling me if I came I could play w/ the band. That and the fact that Geneva might be filming for her show, Geneva's Rock N Ride. We felt that this could be some good exposure for the company so we made the arrangments. One week before the show Nashville suffed major flooding. Turns out the venue, Limelight, (Right across from the Tenn. Titan Statium), was above the flood level so even though the area had been hit by a major catastophe, the show would go on. My other brother Tom also made plans to meet me there. (Way cool.) So I flew out and Baker and his lady Sonia picked me up at the airport. Many of the other out of town attendees were staying at the same hotel as Tom and I so we got to have little meet and greet that night.
Next morning a bunch of us had breakfast together at the hotel. Then Tom and I rode over w/ Preacher Chuck and Phil to set up. (Chad + Dad rode their bikes down). Then a bunch of the guys, (them that had their scooters w/ 'em) went on the ride. Tom and I got the booth all set up and waited for the event to unfold.
The number of bikes was drastically reduced due to the recent flooding and you can see the number of riders in the pictures. But we had come a long way and weren't gonna let a little flooding dampen our spirits.
I didn't catch that much of the first band. Then an acoustic duo came on that played some nice stuff. After that Baker and his band came on and things started to get to rockin'. Shaun Murphy, whom I had seen the previous December in San Francisco singing w/ Little Feat, did a few numbers w/ Charlie and then it was my turn. We did a rendition of Red House that you can watch below.
After Baker came Geneva to close the show and they are really AWESOME!
Next comes the after party at a little place called the ReBar just a few blocks away from the hotel. Some more music and getting to know the other guys like Biker Chad and his father was great! We would love to do it again some time... Hopefully without the flooding.



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