Well, here we are, back at Hollister. Having done the factory tour w/ my good friend Steve in 2010 I sent an Email to the Corbin folks to ask, half jokingly, how -BDR- could become vendors at their event. Their response came as a bit of a surprise and we were happy to comply with their generous requirements to attend. I worked to get everything set and Mike was coming up. We were all looking forward to having a great time! On Thursday before the event I got a call from my boss directing me to go down to Coachella the next day and pick up a truckload of green peppers... That would mean that on Saturday I would be on the road and not in Hollister... I was totally bummed but a man has to make a living. So Mike, my wife Sally and her nephew Daniel would have to handle it without my assistance. To make a long story even longer, they had a great time. My friend Steve rode in and a good time was had by all, that is, all except me! Hahahaha!



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